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Practopia Project

About Us


Joe Tankersley

I believe in the power of informed organizations to shape their future. My explorations into the intersection of narrative and foresight are designed to help others imagine and express their visions for better tomorrows. My work ranges from one on one consultation with change makers to orchestrating glimpses into the future for mass audiences.

Karyn Zuidinga

I am an expert at translating business strategy into digital action. For more than two decades, I’ve been helping organizations create, redesign, and innovate new digital products and services. I have a reputation for asking great questions, filtering the silence from the noise, and rapidly identifying impactful digital opportunities. I have helped several prominent organizations evolve their offering, including AT&T, Adobe, Amazon, Samsung, and the Government of BC.

I have deep experience in the digital solutions sector. I am a user experience and user research expert. I have worked for a broad cross-section of client types, business verticals, and needs. I am confident that I can help you translate your business strategy into useful, usable, and compelling digital solutions. s.


Alvin & Heidi Toffler, FUTURE SHOCK

Words we live by…

“Today, as never before, we need a multiplicity of visions, dreams, and prophecies – images of potential tomorrows. Before we can rationally decide which alternative pathways to choose, which cultural styles to pursue, we must first ascertain which are possible. Conjecture, speculation and the visionary view thus become as coldly practical a necessity as feet on the floor realism was in an earlier time.”

The First principle

01. Change the Stories We Tell

The first step toward creating the future we want is to change the stories we tell about possible futures.

Second Principle

02. Open the Door to Creativity

Artists and storytellers play a critical role in helping society imagine possible futures.

Third Principle

03. Embrace Multiple Visions

We embrace the power of multiple, and even conflicting, visions of the future as dynamic tools for inspiring positive tomorrows

Fourth Principle

04. Creative Brief

While we acknowledge the importance of creative freedom, observing the following parameters will best serve the interests of the Practopia Project:

  • Positive futures will be inclusive, diverse and promote equity
  • Positive futures can be wildly imaginative, as long as the creator can provide an internal logic for them (i.e., no magic or fantasy)
  • Positive futures will strive to balance, people, planet and prosperity
  • Positive futures will respect differing traditions and cultural values 
  • Positive futures will favor both individual empowerment and collective collaboration
Fifth Principle

05. Neither Dystopia Nor Utopia

Works should emphasize the joy of living in better tomorrow without ignoring the real challenges of creating positive futures.

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