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Welcome to the

Practopia Project

Better tomorrows start with the stories we tell. If we are going to have any chance of creating futures where the planet and people thrive, we must first unleash our collective imaginations. The future is not some destination waiting for us to arrive. It is ours to dream.


The purpose of the Practopia Project is to expand our capacity to imagine and create these better tomorrows.


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What is Practopia?

Springboards for your imagination

“A practopia offers a positive, even a revolutionary (vision of the future) between utopia and dystopia, within the range of the realistically attainable.”

The Third Wave, Alvin & Heidi Toffler. 1980

The Practopia Project is a creative collective that lives at the intersection of foresight and art. We are futurists, designers, storytellers, and artists working together to spark the world’s imagination. Our purpose is to provoke dialogue, debate, and action. We believe that creating better tomorrows should be an act of joyful expression.

These scenarios are not predictions of the future. Their purpose is to serve as a springboard for imagination, creation, contemplation. provide the foundation for discussion, debate and creation.


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Current Projects

Building the Doughnut World: An Experiment in Futures World Building

Join futurists, speculative designers, economists, environmentalists, artists, and storytellers as we envision a world built on the foundation of the economic model proposed by Dr. Kate Raworth in her book Doughnut Economics.

Postcards to Inspire Change...

Practopia Postcards is a public participation foresight project. It is designed to explore the possibility of creating a positive future for sustainable tourism in the face of climate change.

A Creative Collective

A Creative Collective

Each Practopia Project brings together an eclectic collective of experts, generalists and interested citizens. Our community includes dreamers and doers. The one common characteristic all participants share is a passion for building positive tomorrows.

If you’re interested in sharing your skills with others looking to build better futures, please join our community. Or maybe you need collaborators for your practopia project. We’d love to hear how we can help.


Our futurists include former corporate consultants and solar punks, transhumanists, and technology skeptics. Not one of them owns a crystal ball, but they all have a deep appreciation for the roles that culture and technology play in shaping our futures.


We strongly believe that we must include the perspective of artists in building our vision of possible futures. Through their chosen media and modality, artists tell stories, challenge assumptions, and bring ideas to life. Art awakens and speaks to our deeper selves. We need that to create these futures that we want.


Our designers include graphic and user experience (UX) designers, game designers, urban designers, and industrial designers. We believe are solarpunk in that we align with the idea that through better design, we can solve the problem of living in balance. We believe the best is yet to come and want to be a part of helping to create it.