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An Experiment in Futures World Building

Building the Doughnut World

Based on the outcome of a series of collaborative workshops in 2020 and 2021 with futurists, speculative designers, economists, environmentalists, artists, and storytellers , The Practopia Project has developed a storytelling game, The Doughnut World Story Engine Game aimed at helping people envision the positive, practical, and possible world built on the foundation of the economic model proposed by Dr. Kate Raworth in her book Doughnut Economics.


In Progress, Play-testing

Project Leads

Karyn Zuidinga

Innovation Strategist

NextWAVE Innovation


Joe Tankersley


Unique Visions

Speculative Design + Strategic Foresight

Building the Doughnut is an online world-building experiment.  Our goal is to engage as many people as possible in imagining a world based on the economic model proposed by Kate Raworth.

We believe this project has two valuable functions. First, to test the validity of creating open-source world-building experiences using a combination of speculative design and foresight techniques.

Second, spark a global conversation around the critical issues of what kind of economic system might best ensure a more sustainable, abundant, and equitable future.


If you believe, like us, that we live in a moment demanding imaginative foresight and innovation in our economic systems, or if you’re interested in novel ways to engage the public in speculative thinking, we would invite you to join us on this adventure.


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Great Beginnings…

We kicked off in Dec 2020, with a vibrant collection of futurists, designers, artists, and authors. Our first task is to come back to the table in January 2021 with a design for how we will each individually tackle the problem. The next step will be to look at all of the ideas on the table and start designing a product that we can share with the world.  

This sketch was created by Xue Bai (Snow) during our first meeting

And that led to the Doughnut World Story Engine Game…

Using the fundamentals of Doughnut Economics combined with basic storytelling and game mechanics, we’ve created a digital playspace where we can lead participants in creating positive, practical, and possible stories of a world governed by Doughnut Economics.

If you’re interested in learning more about the playshop, drop us a line by filling out the form below. 

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